The Wife App

(coming soon!)

At thirty-two years old, Rachel Parker made a career change, dumped her boyfriend, and committed to the strong possibility she would never feel the type of love she had seen, heard, and read about her entire life. And she was okay with that even if her friends and family weren’t.

It’s not until she follows her passion does she begin to understand why love never came for her the way she thought it was supposed to.

The Wife App is a book about being in the moment, self-discovery, stepping outside of our boundaries, and forgiving our past mistakes. If you’re in the mood for a low angst, age gap, quirky, and maybe even a little unconventional book about two women falling in love, you will enjoy this!

THE WIFE APP (on it’s way!!)

It was never that she didn’t want to fall in love, it was only that she could never connect. Not in the way everyone else described it…

At the age of thirty-two, Rachel Parker dumps her boyfriend, quits her job, and pretty much resigns to the notion she is going to end up a New York spinster. And she’s okay with that.

When her friends make complaints about the lack of help they get from their husbands, Rachel becomes inspired to create an app to support professional women in the city.

All of her ideas were fitting nicely into her box of rules…until she met Justine.

After many months of rewrites and revamping, The Wife App is finally going through its last stages before publishing! I’m trying super hard to have it ready before Thanksgiving 🙂

Even though it’s a stand-alone novel, I brought one of the characters along from The First Love. I hope you’ll enjoy…