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The Wife App is coming soon!

At thirty-two years old, Rachel Parker hasn’t found that one person who makes her feel the way other people describe as “fairytale love,” and she’s pretty certain she’s destined to become a spinster. And she’s okay with that.

One day, as her friends complain about the lack of support from their husbands, one of them mentions that after running her own business and making sure her husband has everything he needs, she needs her own wife to help her. This sparks an idea for Rachel, who literally quit her career to find something that helps her serve her community better.

The Wife App is about a woman who creates a start-up company focused on helping professional women during their workday. Oh…and one particular woman who shows her what fairy tale love is.

The First Love is now on Audible!

When Calli and Justine first met, they were both very naïve and each in different places in their lives. When the two finally share their feelings for each other, Justine wants to fulfill her ambitions…with hopes that Calli will be there when she returns.

I wrote this story with the questions: Does the first person we fell in love with when life was innocent remain the person we imagine them to become years later? Are we ever free from that first love?

Taking place between America and France, The First Love is about Calli’s life journey to happy ever after.

You can enjoy reading The First Love (available on KU) or listening to Lucy Emerson bring a number of characters from 4 different countries to life. (or do both!)

~”Calli’s journey kept me on the edge of me seat….”

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