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The Wife App

(coming soon!) At thirty-two years old, Rachel Parker made a career change, dumped her boyfriend, and committed to the strong possibility she would never feel the type of love she had seen, heard, and read about her entire life. And she was okay with that even if her friends and family weren’t. It’s not untilContinue reading “The Wife App”

Who Loves a Book Sale?

From October 21-28, The First Love will be on sale for $.99 !! Grab your copy and enjoy a story about one girl’s journey to happy ever after…

The Divine Order(Die göttliche Ordnung) (2017)(Foreign Film Review)

Even though I prefer to focus on foreign films depicting lesbians, this movie needs to be recognized for its credit to the suffragettes who stood up in the face of opposition, faced arrest, alienation, separation, abuse, mockery, and all else unimaginable so that woman today can enjoy the rights we do. Nora ( Marie Leuenberger) isContinue reading “The Divine Order(Die göttliche Ordnung) (2017)(Foreign Film Review)”

Liz in September(Liz en Septiembre) (2014) Foreign Lesbian Film Review

Eva, a young married woman (Eloísa Maturén), has gone ahead of her husband to their (I assume beach) vacation spot, when her car breaks down along the way. While she is waiting for repairs, she is referred to a small beautiful Caribbean beach hotel/resort where a woman named Liz (Patricia Velásquez) and her close friendsContinue reading “Liz in September(Liz en Septiembre) (2014) Foreign Lesbian Film Review”

Just Like That! (How I went from being bored with my MC to can’t stop writing)

At nearly fifteen thousand words in, and at the cusp of the first big turning point for my story, I lost my will to move forward. Often when I am writing I struggle not to rush right into the first big revelation or turning point, where things start to unfold, make sense, and get juicy.Continue reading “Just Like That! (How I went from being bored with my MC to can’t stop writing)”

Writing About Dark and Evil Things: How are you coping with the "real" world outside while creating horror in your head?

Moving away from love and fate (well, somewhat sort of), I am currently writing something more dark and sinister. I’ve recently received notice that my workplace (I’m a barber) has been ordered to shut down for the next 30 days for the corona virus pandemic we are facing. My first thought – before assessing myContinue reading “Writing About Dark and Evil Things: How are you coping with the "real" world outside while creating horror in your head?”

Writer's Empty Nest

I was wondering – and maybe this is a common topic, but I have only recently begun to get more involved with my fellow writers – do you feel a little blue when you finish your book and it’s out there, and there is nothing left but to…I don’t know… read it for yourself? DoContinue reading “Writer's Empty Nest”

The First Love

Is anyone ever truly free from their first love? Seventeen and a half year old Calli spent her free time in a banyan tree with her favorite pen and a journal. She barely cared for much outside of the world she created on paper. When her mother accidentally enrolls her in a riding lesson withContinue reading “The First Love”

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